Know About a Diamond

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Gone are the days when woman used to fancy diamond jewellery. Black diamonds are here to lure your species. It sheds the flashy look a white diamond gives which makes it unsuitable for males to wear. Men can now enjoy the pride of running a precious gemstone by putting on a black engagement ring. They are rarest from the diamond family and are more expensive than the white and yellow ones.

Selecting this is difficult due to the various styles and designs available within the market today. If you have a look at all of the ones available, chances are that you will get confused. However, in case you just go out seeking the preferred type of your beloved, it’s going to be simpler to suit your needs. The reason behind this can be that most  diamond  rings appeal to you within the first look making the entire process of selection difficult and cumbersome for you.

Carat from the diamond is a among the other factors that determines its cost. The price of an engagement ring increases using the increase in its carat unit. Colour and clarity are variables that grade the price of the diamond. The combination of clarity, colour and cut makes any diamond highly valued and precious as they are considered the purest diamonds available. The perfect cut and proportion of any low quality would seem more beautiful plus degrade value of a high quality diamond. Thus, perfect cutting is important to increase the price with the diamond. The absence of flaws and chemical impurities increases the clarity of diamond jewellery and thus increases its monetary value. Before paying for the diamond, you can examine whether all of the five C theories match with it.

The biggest factor in the price of a ring is often the price of the diamond centrepiece. The tariff of diamonds can differ wildly, with regards to the grade with the diamond. The four ‘c’s greatly influence the cost from the diamond: cut, carat, clarity, colour. A flawless diamond will often set someone back a number of thousand dollars, if not more, but many of times, an individual can get a diamond using a couple of small flaws for significantly less money, and the flaws would just be noticeable under a microscope anyways.

The prong setting is also known as the claw setting and in this setting diamonds are held in place by using metal prongs shaped like claws. The reason why this setting is hottest is because commemorate use of almost no metal thus allowing more light to pass through the diamond helping to make the stone sparkle.