Safety Deposit Boxes Merrion Vaults Continue To Be The Most Trustworthy Source Of Keeping The Valuables In Safe Hands

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safety-deposit-boxes-dublinPeople around the world tend to safeguard their money by keeping it in banks and other financial institutions. Because of security threats, majority of the world’s population avoid keeping all the money at home and place it in banks for peace of mind. But money is not the only valuable thing a person can own. There are much more expensive stuff which if lost can cause huge financial loss which might be irreplaceable. For the security of such physical expensive stuff, banks offer the facility of safety deposit boxes. Merrion Vaults offer customers the ease of placing their valuable possessions in safe hands.

Merrion Vaults offer the citizens a number of facilities to put their tangible stuff of expensive value in safety boxes placed in vaults that cannot be accessed by any thief or intruders. Another feature of these Merrion Vaults is that 24 hour security is offered and the boxes are always kept under tight security under the surveillance of security cameras and burglar alarms. Things like jewellery, money saving certificates, property documents, marriage certificates, photographs, gold bullion, silver coins, and gold biscuits can be put into the deposit boxes so that they stay safe from the risks of being lost or stolen.

Safety deposit boxes from Merrion Vaults come in variety of sizes. The boxes usually range from 2 into 5 to 10 into 10 inches in size. Boxes can be selected depending on the amount of stuff to be saved. Safety box holders can select people who can access the valuables in their absence. The rent of the boxes is charged on annual basis and varies in amount depending upon the size of the box selected. Some banks also set limits and a valuable less than that limit cannot be placed into the safety boxes. So those who wish to keep their things safe must consider the size and amount of the valuables to be placed in the banks.

Many financial institutions also offer the facility of holding safety deposit boxes but banks remain the most trustworthy and reliable source of keeping the valuables safe and protected. Financial institutions usually charge more money and many hidden charges are conducted that annoy and frustrate the people. Banks offer more authentic form of service and make sure that the safety deposit holder is charged to the minimum. In case the holders misplace their keys, additional money is charged for getting the access to the safety deposit box. Duplicate keys are issued upon submitting the required fee.

Merrion Vaults continue to be the most reliable source for keeping many of our valuables safe from the outside risks of being robbed or stolen.